Halloween Costumes: 3 for Under $30.00

Don't get spooked by the cost of costumes...
Halloween, if you celebrate it, can become just as costly as any other major holiday.
(I say major, because Halloween is actually one of my favorites!)

Although I've been known to make costumes for my kids in the past, because I love to sew and I'm crafty, you must know, I'm definitely not a professional-so there are some I can't pull off...

I can't make you into a vampire, a nun, or a vampiress...just to name a few. However, I have been able to make children into Cows, Cowgirls, Princesses, Doctors (evil of course), China Girl, Cleopatra, Wizards and more...

When my kids decide to be something I can't make for them- I'm always left gulping at the register when it's time to pay...

This year I lucked out!

We will have a Gypsy, Darth Vader and a Zombie Cheerleader!

The total cost for all three costumes?

$ 28.72

Yes, you read that right.

All three for under $30.00!

The costume ideas were theirs, and together, we all came up with awesome ideas on what to get and where to shop! (All prices include tax)

Gypsy: $9.07
Flowy Skirt, White Button Up Blouse, Scarves, Heavy Makeup, Some Jewelry (got a few things at home) Purchased at thrift shop: over the chest suede brown satchel, losts of gold costume jewelry (for around $8.50)

Darth Vader: $6.41
Two Pieces mask and body suit, purchased separately for under $6.00 at the thrift store. Washed and sanitized, they are perfect!

Zombie Cheerleader: $13.24
Ripped up Skirt purchased used (unripped) at a children's second-hand shop during school shopping in the summer for under $4.00, black pom-poms 7.50 online at amazon (shipping included) , zombie makeup- dollar store for $1.00. Tights, top, hair things and hair paint were all on-hand at home.

All three costumes are the coolest I've seen them have in a while!

Maybe it's because we made them ourselves...

Your closet, attic, basement, Grandma's house and Thrift Stores are the best place to shop for costumes, and if you know someone who sews or you can shop for discounted fabric to make your clothes with, these are all the best ways to go! 

Happy Haunting!


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