Shop These Holiday Card Websites & Get More Tips on Holiday Photos

If you're looking for places to purchase holiday cards from the photos you took of your family, try these places. Honestly, I used to use high priced professionals, a long time ago, and I have not been able to afford that for many years. It doesn't matter now that I look back anyhow, because all that really matters to me is that we document the moment. Not what the kids were wearing or what the background was.

It's about who is in the photo (insert big heart and happy face symbol here)
I know you know what I mean... 
so let's see how we can make your Christmas photos fun, simple & meaningful.

The first four websites for you are usually the most popular (go-to) sites:

TinyPrints many untraditional, but fun, contemporary cards all incredibly charming, might cost more than average though
Vista Print currently Pandora has a coupon being advertised so look around for that nice vintage cards (the year in review starting at .89/each has supercute artwork and somewhat vintagey fancy business and personal holiday cards, great Thanksgiving/New Year selections
paperculture (15% off first order pop up) – I love the back layouts and how photos look! STUNNING!

There you have it. A large resource of places to shop for family holiday cards, some for as little as $13.00 for 25!

  • Archive babies events of the year: birth, first tooth, first solid food, walking, talking!
  • Your family moving
  • Your children's seasons of the year: take one photo of them every season in the same (or a different spot) and put them on a holiday card

Get creative, all for less money time and stress! 
Don't limit yourself, have fun with it, do what you want, and share the best 
times of the year with those far away!

  Beware cellphones. 

If you are going to use your cell phone to photograph, be careful, since the resolution isn't always the best for printing photos. But, if it is for holiday cards, it might just be okay it just might not be able to be enlarged.

Also, the orientation (direction/layout) of the picture cannot be changed, because that will also contribute to the inability to print a quality photo. It’s best to use an actual camera if you can, not a phone. (Most websites will let you know if your photo will distort and offer you an option to proceed or replace that picture with something else).

Other problems?

For instance, you don’t have a great place to shoot? Well, do you have a black or white sheet? If you do, tack it up to the wall or lay it over what it is you want to hide.  

Relax, have fun and look at other photos and cards you like, and try something new.

Honestly, at the end of life, it won't really matter if your 2013 Holiday Card was flawless or not, it will be important that you were happy and had fun.

I will never forget one of my holiday photos was ruined because I was so stressed out about my six year old not acting properly and smiling normal for the photographer. I look at it every time and think, ‘Oh, that picture is terrible and we were so stressed’.


If you are really tight on time, budget and stress, take one of your favorite photos of the family at the zoo, the park or at Grandma’s birthday and use that one. No one will care that your holiday card doesn’t have a holiday back ground. Life is about experiences, not always about the details. (Some of our best family photos are taken when we are relaxed and having fun during an outing, not in some stuffy photo studio.)


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