Fun Friday: Can you do this for 28 days?

In January, Family Matters with Amber told a short winter story with a phlog project. 

It was a way to enjoy the season and help others do the same. We posted some pictures raw and unedited and also some doctored up ones. We showed our art work, our idea of a fun rainy-day-activity and of course, our view of snow!

Now, it's your turn! Families have so many distractions- so often they draw us to look outside of the home for things to focus on- but since February is the month for love, we challenge you to turn your focus inward- towards where your heart is.

  Family Matters
 February Photo Challenge!

Whether you choose to do this every day of February or not, share the shots or not,
and whether you're a pro-photographer or simply a mom with an Instagram account-
This is a fun way to focus on the ones you love. <3

I'll be looking for photos to share with readers! 
Email yours to:!

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