Month 1 of of 12: One Word Resolutions "How are we doing"?

 On 1/1/14 We Chose Our One Word:
My One Word Goals Resolutions

Let go, let 'it' go & relax 
(most women can relate to this)

9 year old son-"AS" or "SA" 
(Attitude Stop/Stop Action)
Because he is young, we bent the 1 word rule to allow him an acronym, especially since it was  such a good one he picked, that could help him with his biggest weaknesses (rushing & occasional attitudes)

12 year old daughter-Management
She was smart and paired a weakness with a word which could encourage her to use her desire to control things- this plan allows her to use control in a good way

16 year old daughter-Motivation 
Hallelujah! -I can guarantee you already know what this means and understand what it will help her (and me) with...

How's it going? 
It's going GREAT! 
We check in every so often with each other to see if we're using our 1 word~
 Sometimes we are and sometimes we admit we're not. 

It's not about perfection, it's about doing our best... and bonding!

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