Happy Friday Moms of Sick Children!

Heck yes, this mommy is happy it's Friday! 

For the past 6 days I have:

 Had 3 children home sick
 Cleaned throw up, diarrhea and throw-up pots almost every day
 Refilled gingerale and chicken noodle soup too many times to count
 Helped with two nosebleeds (yes-sometimes in middle of cleaning throw up, diarrhea or nasty sheets)
 Been sick myself - to the point of not being able to lift my head off the pillow to read a medicine bottle
 Slept a possible 10 hours (and in that time none of it was straight through or on my first attempt)
 Disinfected and washed my bathroom and kitchen multiple times a day
 Washed more sheets and blankets than I can remember
Not been able to see straight or talk straight and not because due to a controlled substance
But, seriously, last night- we all slept through the night with no emergencies…
and it's finally Friday and everyone is back to school!
And the dog threw up!

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