The News: Is it important for kids?

photo:"News Word On Computer Shows Media And Information" by Stuart Miles

Day 10 of the Family Sickbay and I have a little time to kill prior to calling the office when they open at 8 to schedule an appointment for my youngest.

I like to do a lot of different things for leisure (when I have a surplus of it haha)...but what can I do in just twenty minutes what could pass the time? I decided to check out some news...

This is what I learned:

A few days ago President Barack Obama went to visit with Pope Francis and what they disused surprised me, but gave me hope (okay, I am quite a few days behind but happy to catch up)

The MH370 tragedy is still an unknown(such a sad story about a wife of 20 years/mother airline stewardess on that flight)

It's the last day for open enrollment into Obama Care (but the site isn't working at the moment so come back later another haha)

Turkey blocked Youtube.

It is going to be 60 here in the NE tomorrow (but the rest of the week is questionable- of course)

Got to see an 8 mos. old photo of Princess Diana's little grandson, Prince George.

Things I skipped:
Anything having to do with Hollywood celebs, car accidents or murders…

Most news can be negative in nature anyhow, but it also has a lot to do with what we choose to read.

I might be a busy parent and have a lot of my own things to deal with, but I am always curious about the kinds of things my country is dealing with -and how they are dealing with it (and how other countries are for that matter).

Raising children means that we bring them into a world that's not just our house...

It's important to impress upon kids the idea that they don't just live here: in their room, in their home…
And that life is bigger: they live here, in this house, in this county, in this state, in this nation, on this continent, and along with many others who are living and breathing like them, making changes to the environment and society just like they are. Their life doesn't begin and end with just themselves and it doesn't end when we, their parents, pass on… it will continue. So introduce them to national and world news so that they understand their surroundings and their future (and most of all how they can get involved to make the change they want to see in the world).

Happy Monday- what piece of news will you share with your children and use for discussion today?

(Oh yeah, that doctor's appointment? We got a 9 am- wish us luck. I think it's ear infections-gauging by the way he likes to wear earmuffs around the house.)

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