A Quote For You on Mother's Day and a Note From My Son

God could not be everywhere, 
and therefore he made mothers.
Rudyard Kipling 

My son's fourth grade teacher had the class decorate these jars and fill them with accordion slips of paper. Each note is something their moms have done for them. My son loves giving gifts, and doesn't often wait until the special day, so I got my Mother's Day Jar on Friday. The first note I picked was about how I signed him up for tackle football after he begged (for two years to get out of touch and 
into full-on-tackle). The next one had something to do with letting him use technology after it was taken away. They seemed kid-like and each having to do with something he 'wanted'. So naturally, that's what I expected the rest of them to be like.

To my surprise, the accordion note I opened next was not.
He is grateful that I give him hope.

I was floored - I never thought I did this for him. Nor did I know hope was so important to him. Looking back, I guess it is something I wished I had as a kid…and what some kids lack as teens in a tough world. So, if you can offer it to a child, I would guess you make their life a bit less difficult to bear. I wish I could tell you how I do it. But, I'm at a loss as to how to explain it. Maybe it's being positive. Maybe it's preparing them. Maybe it's setting punishments that fit the crime but don't isolate or condemn them (those are all things I wished I had). 
I really don't know. But, if you do, and would like to share, please comment. Thank you.

Ironically, this Mother's Day quote was chosen a year ago for today -
How fitting don't you think?

Mom, you do more in a child's life than you will ever realize.

Happy Mother's Day to Special Women 
who make the world go round.

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