6 Weeks of the No Diet Challenge (Who's still on board? Who Needs More Motivation?)

"Little Girl Eating Banana" by imagery majestic @freedigitalphotos.com

Let's sum up the last 6 weeks of the No Diet Challenge:

If you aren't motivated by any of that: 
Summer is a great time to take the No Diet Challenge because...

#1  The weather is more cooperative and helps us get outdoors and be more active!

#2  Our bodies don't feel like they do in the winter (when all we want to do is hunker down with  
      comfort food)!

#3  The meals we make are often of different substance (less heavy, less starchy, less sauces).

Your Family Has So Many Reasons to do this now.
But, if you need More Motivation...

Watch for Step 7: How All Food Affects Us & Why We Should Care (a post not to be missed)

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