The No Diet Challenge: Step 7 How Food Affects Us-Why Should We Care?

"Pharmaceutical Pills" by Grant Cochrane via

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You have to see the whole video, so set time aside to watch it. What you thought you already knew about your body (and food) was nothing compared to what you will learn from this video.  A major eye opener from this 1.5 hour documentary, is how much of what is revealed are things schools and pediatricians have been focusing on changing for the past several years. We live, we learn.

Unlike the video starts to claim, I don't blame obesity and unhealthy Americans on the fast food industries (just like I can't blame an obese child on fast food marketing tactics). This epidemic is due in large part to society itself (which has been speeding down this path since the 80's). With remote control everything, automatic everything else, overwhelmingly advanced gaming and browsing technology which keeps us parked on our butts staring at screens for hours instead of walking around. Plus, families have completely over scheduled themselves (I'm guilty too) leaving little or no room to stop, cook, chew and swallow. 

We are high stress, fast paced, and less conscious of anything anymore (nor do we have time to care). Seriously, cooking and eating healthy have become our last priority. The popular choice has become fast and convenient, and all for a price...

But, if we could just admit today that we have choices every day which can contribute to our health in a positive or negative way, we would well on our way out of the doctor's offices AND the medicine cabinets, and on to a longer, healthier life.


What would you regret today, if it meant you wouldn't be here tomorrow? 

A graduation
A wedding
A once in a lifetime trip you have been saving for

Step 7: PT 2 The Homework:

List all the reasons why it would benefit you to live healthier:

Health problems you want to banish?
Help avoid a family line of hereditary diseases?
Things you want to be around to see?
Want to feel younger?
Want to feel healthier?
Want to be more emotionally healthy?
Want to challenge yourself in some way?
Want to become fit for a sport, or race, you've been dreaming of participating in?
Want to become a healthier role model to your children?
Want to break a cycle in your family?
Would like to have better self esteem?
Would like to have more energy?
Would enjoy sleeping better?

No matter what the reason- 
it's worth it, you can do it, and it's never too late.

In 1994, I was twenty years old and had been smoking a pack of cigarettes a day since I was in my early teens. I quit for ten years, then quit again at 38 after picking it back up again after a divorce. We all slide, we all lose motivation. It's never too late.

Sometimes there's a point where you think: there isn't an excuse big enough for me to give up the rest of my life earlier than I should- 

My children are my reason to live healthy.

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