The No Diet Challenge: Step 8 "R U 2 BZ 2 GET HEALTHY?" Put A Twist (or APP) On It.

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Drink More Water
Eat More Roughage



Preaching to the choir right here.

I would much rather have a cup gallon of coffee over a glass of water anytime-
I'd enjoy french fries over an apple any day...
And I'd absolutely grab the closest parking spot at the store if given the choice.

If you gave me a fruit salad…. 
A mid-way parking spot with a little extra time...
and a nice sunset or sunrise walk…

I'd probably take them all.

TRUE: To be well (or healthier than we are now) we have to sacrifice and/or try new things-but 
eating right and getting healthy shouldn't be boring, difficult or yuck

Step 8: 
~Finding a Compromise~

Just like with our finances- it should be about balance. We aren't going to save every dollar we make every week (we would starve and be homeless- or living with our mom!). Likewise, we wouldn't buy a new house, car, boat, jet ski, a new wardrobe and go on a family vacation all in the same year! (I'm assuming most of my readers aren't millionaires - forgive me if I excluded you).

My point? There's no way we can become ridiculously fit in a week, month or even sometimes a year.
The 'No pain no gain' motto was great in the 80's, but honestly now a days with all the distractions, conveniences and busy schedules-- we are all at least a little ADHD, a lot exhausted and most likely stressed out too. Hate to say it, but getting (and staying) fit has to be appealing, convenient and it wouldn't hurt if it could be fun.

Try these on for size:

-Need more help drinking water? Check out this App- Splashy Water Tracker (has great ratings)

-Start walking at your favorite park, lake or beach (grab a friend on your lunch break and go around the block; time will fly).

-Mom- sign up for a class at the gym or your community center (time away from the kids PLUS fitness)!

-Love to talk on the phone? Lift weights while doing it (they can't see you).

-Hate to work out, but love to dance? Load up your most motivating favorite music and shake!

Make it a family affair
 --Dads- challenge your kids to a basketball game (time spent with kids AND getting exercise- 2 birds  
 with one stone right there).

 --Go bike riding with the kids - that's healthy AND fun!

--Not enough money for a full blown vacation? Get outside by going on a camping/biking/hiking trip locally!
A few of my own hurdles:

-I hate plain water, period, and I won't drink it.
-I hate eating apples because the skin gets stuck in my teeth (other than bananas, I don't like to eat fruit
-Vegies- unless they're cooked, it's sad, but almost it's almost the same deal as fruit (aside from carrot
-I don't find a whole lot of time to get a decent workout routine in.

My solutions:

-I love the taste of lemon. I will drink water with two slices of lemon in it (yes, precisely two). It's cheap enough to buy a bag of lemons, slice up a bowl of them and keep them in the fridge for the week, then toss a couple in my water (I reuse the couple that are already in the glass on refills). 

-I will consume three times as much fruits/vegies with a precut/mixed salad over biting making one, and/or biting into an apple. I  will however, eat sliced apples with peanut butter yum (double healthy bonus!). Most of all, I like my fruit liquified. My favorite is Bolthouse Farms or homemade smoothies using a base of water or juice.

-I have learned to build in a little more time into my errands so I can at least take a parking spot farther away from the store for extra exercise. I will also walk into the bank over using the drive thru (walking across the parking lot is much better for me over sitting on my butt in the car- plus I get  a few extra minutes out in the fresh air).

A few more favorite tricks: 

1. I don't keep junk in the house 
2. I go to the store only 1x week with a specific list
3. I rescued a dog (she makes me walk more often than I would if she weren't here)

Okay, so I didn't rescue the dog just so I'd have a reason to get back out there and walk… 
But, honesty, when I know she depends on me, it's helpful for motivation.

Never Say Never

Try changing your mindset and look at the list of blachs differently.  Be open minded and find your middle ground. Nothing is impossible. Need more help? Check out these:

If you have suggestions for others, whether it's recipes you love and which encourage you to eat foods you never thought you'd like, or an app that makes exercising or eating fun… please share!

Next Week: Step 9 Clean, Green, Organic- What?

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