The No Diet Challenge: 12 Where to Shop Healthy

The biggest problem with shopping healthy seems to be knowing what to buy.
Once we know what to shop for, then we have to find a place to get it.

Large grocery stores (including Target and Walmart) are not just there to serve you, they are there to make money. They focus the majority of their resources (time and money) on marketing, floor layout and product placement. Their strategy can sabotage our efforts to eat healthy and stay out of the poor house while doing so.

If you're in NE Ohio, you're in luck, because I'm going to share some of my favorites:

#1 Sweet Berry Fresh (by far the best customer service of any grocery experience I've ever had)
#2 West Side Market (truly my favorite overall experience when shopping for foods)
#3 Constantino's Market (you can even link to what's going on in Cleveland now via this site)
#4 Sun Plum Market (about Sun Plum)

While I cannot exclusively shop at any one of these stores for all of my needs, for obvious reasons ( toilet paper can't be purchased in most of these locations), I do visit Sweet Berry Fresh weekly for fruits, veggies and more, because I find their prices and freshness to be out of this world. Where else can you get a gallon of Dean's milk for $2.50? Top notch customer service and multiple open registers appeals to me because they know I want to get home and get on with my life). It's a pleasant experience to say the least.

Note: I never tell my children which fruit on the table is from which store… they can always guess Sweet Berry Fresh by juiciness and flavor.

Another market I know in the area, but have not tried: Willoughby Outdoor Farmers' Market.

Here's an 'Organic Markets' List by State

Your challenge this week is to find a healthy market in your area -then go there to buy:

1. At least 10 healthy food items
2. At least one new type of healthy food that you've never tried

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