Fun Friday: Kids Eating Healthy (and being outnumbered as a single parent)

I often try to lay down the law in my house, well, because I can (and should). But I'm finding that as my kids get older (they're all double digits-YIKES) they know I'm completely outnumbered 3 to 1!

So in the case of last week, when I sprung a surprise family meeting on them because they all happened to be at the kitchen table at the same time having a snack (smart right?)…yeah, it didn't go well.

I'm pretty sure I saw an eye roll, somebody left early, and the last one cut me off as she was getting up to go back to her room, saying, 'yeah, we know, mom... do the things that are necessary first before we do fun stuff…we got it'. :(


So when I saw this quote online this week, it just struck me as something they would say to get what they wanted (while using the gang up on mom idea)...

Parenting is a balance… you should let them win sometimes, just so they don't get discouraged (wink-wink).

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