A Realistic Way To Keep House

Some people don't clean…
And there's some people who clean too much.
I fall somewhere in the middle.

I know it has to get done, I want to get it done, but sometimes I don't get it done...

I've never been that mom who appreciates spending an entire day off spring cleaning (or regular cleaning for that matter). I much rather prefer to get the things done that need getting done and then enjoy several other things that day, including hanging out with my kids and getting outside.

While at the library recently, I noticed a table full of Book Bundles. These were books tied together in groups of threes and sorted by either hobbies, genres or personal interests. There were so many to choose from: Local Authors, Halloween, Librarian's Favorites and Bundles for the Cook. While all of them looked awesome, I chose the bundle that was for: "The One Who Likes Lists".

There were two books about actual list making which I've not delved too deeply into yet, but, the third one was Stephanie O'Dea's "Totally Together".

I loved reading her intro (I know, right?). I like her way of thinking and her way of writing. Those two things make it an easy read and I know she is so right on many points. I also like that her goal is to play more and clean less. She wants moms to be able to get it all done without forgetting to do important stuff like scheduling family appointments and taking care of ourselves. (This concept could easily go for the Dad of the house who is managing things also.)

If you are overwhelmed and trying to get a handle on things in the home (uh, and maybe on life in general) check out this book. It's a great read with easy, realistic ideas on how to keep up with the biggest chores and monster job you have as a parent.

I'm so glad that my library put these books together, because now I also found some cool stuff at Stephanie O'Dea's Blog!

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