Fun Friday: Draft Day and Common Sense Movie Reviews

Friday is family movie night in our house. But since the girls will be out on their own little Fun Friday excursion, seems the boy and I have a date!

I really wanted to watch this movie with my him. I could not recall the type of content in it so I went online to search the reviews for it. I knew there were a few foul words, but I couldn't recall how foul.

I decided Google would work best in aiding my memory.

Since I knew that there might not be appropriate content, I added the word FAMILY in the search bar so I would be sure to find out what family reviewers (other parents) found to be offensive.

After reading the review for Draft Day on Common Sense Media, I opted against it.
Not only did it inform (remind) me that there were about 20 different cus words (okay so I might be exaggerating a little) but it also gave it an age rating of 14. Well, he is ten. So, this is in more ways than one, not the right movie for him at this time (but a darn fun drama which mimics insight to the Browns issues and teaches a bit about The Draft).

So, when you are choosing PG movies (by the way this one is actually RATED PG-13) please do yourself a favor and watch it first, then follow it up later on with a 'reminder' of what is good and bad about the movie from the perspective of a ratings/review website.

Here are other movie review websites:

I find that if you have a Netflix account, the patron reviews are semi-helpful.

Rotten Tomatoes: Not my favorite, but it's there.

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