FUN FRIDAY SURPRISE! My Mean Mommy Way At Halloween Can Help The Troops!

Halloween Candy Ration Family
Candy Ration for more than one cause

I don't like seeing kids squirm in the dentist's chair and I hate hearing them cry as they have to get a cavity filled, so I give my kids' candy away.

Ok, maybe I should clarify...

After trick or treating, my kids can pretty much eat a whole bunch of candy without limitation.
The next day, for oh, say, about the next two weeks, they're allowed to take a few pieces to school to have with snack or lunch or to share with other kids. Then when they come home they usually have a few pieces too.

There's the beginning of rationing the treats after 10/31.

After about week or so more it continues at only about 3 pieces a day until eventually they forget they had candy or that they even went trick or treating.

I don't allow Halloween buckets in their bedrooms, and I have never heard them complain, nor have I witnessed even one of my children actually eating to the bottom of their bucket. (Ask me how I felt at 8 years old on Easter when I ate my entire Easter basket full of candy… live and learn.)

We like our candy, but our bodies (and teeth) don't need it. So sweets have always been a limited thing in our house. But this family could never skip trick or treating because, well, it's just too fun! 

This year, I'm happy to announce, that I just found out that my rule of rationing will help the troops! (The article also covers healthy alternatives to handing out candy.)

So, if you are a mean mom like me, or would like to try being one, by rationing candy, don't feel bad (or look bad) just give your leftovers to the service men and women who don't get a chance to join the fun!


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