B.A.G.S and Gifts in November

"Gift Tag Represents Greeting Card And Copyspace" background is by Stuart Miles via freedigitialphotos.net

How are you doing with your 

You know what today is right?

Yes. It's Wednesday. 
And Yes. It's November 5th. 
But it's also the day your family or children give one thing away for the month 
(and get it back on Thanksgiving).

What will they choose to part with temporarily?
Who will they decide to lend it to?
And why?

If you got a late start like most of us (Halloween kinda distracted us) 
so far we ought to be working on writing down our B.A.G. every day… 
at least once a day list a:
Blessing, Accomplishment and a Goal.

Maybe you'll even reach two or three of each!

Come back on the 10th for the next gratitude task in the Thanks & Giving Project.

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