Who Else Is A Mean Mommy? Please Stand Up.

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The other day in my post I dubbed myself a mean mom… that's because in some people's eyes I am. 
Or...maybe it's that I'm just mean in general…what-ever...

Anyhow, back in September, while searching for a photo of some bloody-smiley-fry photos (it's a long story and not bad as you think) I came across a blog. It's outdated now, but still inspirational, and I just felt like sharing it. I could talk about many of the posts I found on this blog called "On The Road Photography", but I picked this one because I appreciate and respect this mother's courage to ask her children some honest questions and they shared with her their true answers. Not only that, but I'm thrilled to prove that no matter what you think, your kids know (or will eventually know) why you set rules and sometimes have to lay the hammer down. 

Be their parent. You don't always have to be their friend.
Contrary to what you think, they will still love you in the end.

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