Fun Friday: Christmas Lights Rock Back In Our Home Town of CT (video)

"Christmas Lights" by Serge Bertasius Photography via

Going to New England anytime soon? If you are, say hello to my family, because that’s where we’re from. While I have family all over the nation, Connecticut is where I grew up and it’s a gorgeous place in the fall and winter. (Until about March. I do not miss CT in March.)

Something the kids and I loved about our quiet little northeastern corner of the world was the Quiet Corner Christmas House in Brooklyn.

No, it’s not your typical Santa shop or bakery. It’s a crazy light show to music that wows the community!

Granted, this performance will never compare to seeing TSO live (which the kids saw for the first time last Christmas), but it’s still the coolest holiday light display we have seen in our 17 years as a family.

This is literally about a mile away from our old home in Connecticut. Locals (or tourists) can enjoy watching the lights from the street while tuned in to the special station airing Christmas music for the show.

This house is on Facebook and Youtube and here’s an article about the house.

If you are headed to CT, check out these other light shows (call for updated times and locations).

OH! And if you like heavy rock, watch this Quiet Corner Light Performer do Drowning Pool-‘Bodies’ for Halloween. (My 17 y/o and I rocked this one while my two youngest rolled their eyes with disinterest. It was awesome.)

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