Things I Would and Wouldn't Do If I Become A Grandparent

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The other day I told my kids that if they decide to have children, don't expect me…to...

I know, here we go, "She's a big meany".

It is a risk isn't it? It's similar to the elections, playing the 'If I were president" game.

Let's pray that I never have to eat my words, or be like the pre-parent I was when I was about 20 years old (when I said I would never listen to kids music in the car)! Ha ha! --Because I totally did! And would do it again!!

But seriously, here's my list of rules...

If I become a Grandparent I will NOT:

  • Take my grandchildren out if they are bratty (either they listen or they don't go)
  • Babysit last minute every weekend so my kids can go 'out'
  • Be an instant (assumed) daycare so my kids can spend tons of money doing umpteen other things
  • Forget a birthday

But I will:

  • Watch my grandchildren at their sports games
  • Attend elementary school graduations, awards ceremonies and grandparent days
  • Babysit them overnight so mommy and daddy can go on a date (or a single parent can take a break or do some Christmas shopping)
  • Have them over for dinner just to catch up
  • Call, text, email (and whatever is out there in the way of technology) to stay connected

The way I look at it is, I've devoted almost every hour of every day of my life to my kids, and when they grow up, and have their own, it's time for me to have some more time for me, and for them to parent their own children and bear the responsibilities that come with...

I love them, I will love my grandchildren, but I will also love myself and will 'grandparent' the same way that I 'parent'…with a big heart, boundaries and tough love.

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