Superbowl Dads, Cussing, Dating and Parent-Teen Bonding: A post for the whole family
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While I was searching for busy mom quotes last week, I stumbled across a new (to me) blog. I read one post and found it quite funny, so I bookmarked it and came back to read some more.

I'm sharing this one particular post with you because it hits close to home and teaches parents many lessons:

Lesson #1:
Although we all have another side (which sometimes comes out while dating) that particular part about you isn't always be a bad thing- or always present - especially if it comes out during a football game, and in foreign languages. (I’D LIKE TO REFER TO IT AS PASSION ;)

Lesson #1 1/2:
The language which accompanies the above 'passion' isn't necessarily used any other time.

Lesson #2:
Sometimes we can sit down and watch something on television and never know much about the people
involved until we accidentally stumble upon something personal of theirs on the web (just proves
how small the world really is --- or how big).

Lesson #3: 
When your teens like something, it doesn't always mean it's inappropriate, gross or boring…because
the show that's mentioned at the end of the post from the very VERY busy mommy blog, is one that I've become a fan of (okay fine- better late than never- but I was totally shocked I liked it).

Lesson #4: 
Men can do school projects, help kids' with homework and make sandwiches during half-time!
(Watch out hubbys, your wife is on to you now.)

Lesson #5:
Taking interest, rather than giving judgment, creates opportunities for better bonds with your kids.

Lesson #6:
This is for the kids: STAY OUT OF THE SIGHT LINE OF THE GAME! -If you know what's good for you. Maybe you could go make daddy (or mommy) a sandwich:)

When my daughter was gaga over The Hunger Games, I jumped in and found out what it was all about:  Now? I love it! And this show was the same way! (Ssssshhhh, I dislike princesses - but these Princesses are different.)

So, although Rule # 728 of Parenting Teens still stands: 'Your teen will not take to most things that you like…or dare suggest' try not to judge their likes too harshly (or too quickly).

I'm glad I don't, because now I'm twice a fan, and my daughter’s best friend.

Wonder what's next!

(*Big Mom Grin*)

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