Day 23 of The Family Matters Photo Challenge (Past=Future)

While I was talking to my kids Sunday about Day 23’s Photo Challenge my M.C. (yes my middle child hates that term) suggested I take a photograph of a framed picture which is hanging above my desk. 
It’s of a really old fashioned typewriter and behind it you’ll see there are a bunch of jumbled words. 

I thought, nah, that’s kind of boring. But, after a minute, I decided to snap the picture. Why? 
Well, it’s only fitting. I first fell in love with writing when I was in the fifth grade, and then I went on to get my first type-writer (wow, I sound old) and then I fell in love even deeper. That typewriter was something which had spawned my dreams of writing, editing, creating and expressing. 

And here I am today. 

 Day 23 - Words:

Today is:   Day 25 - Inspiring

Help us finish up the rest of the month (and the challenge)!
     Day 26 - Bright Lights
Day 27 - Cozy
Day 28 -  A Book

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