Family Matters February Photo Challenge: Days 3 and 4

So, yes, okay, I did create this list of things to search for when doing our February Photo Challenge, but believe it or not, I created the list and the artwork months ago! And at the time, I just allowed the words to come to me randomly…then just like last year, I put the challenge away until publication time! (That way I’d forget! And it would all be fresh and new to me, just like it is to you!)

So here we are, I actually struggled quite a bit on days 1 & 2 but it turned out to be great! Now I’m posting Days 3 & 4:

Day 3: A Kiss

The color one was first and I took it on the 3rd at bedtime. I didn’t care that it was blurry; none of these would come out crisp because it’s a happy puppy eagerly jumping on the couch to kiss her favorite mama!! I loved catching the moment and the giggles! Then Wednesday was Day 4 'Black & White', so it inspired me to turn this picture into a black/white photo! I know that new iPhones do this conversion on-screen but I have an old iPhone 4 (no not an S) and I have to use one of my computer programs to alter it. If you’re looking for an easy (not public/social media based app) to use at home to make black and whites, I say try Picasa.  I’ve had it for years and love it. This one however was done with a more advanced software Adobe Fireworks. Either will do the job just fine.

Day 4: Black & White 
I admit, black and white (anything) will never be too difficult for me. I have black and white everywhere from my closet to the kitchen. The car is even black and the snow white… so for a second... I thought I might photograph these, but realized that some people might just be sick of seeing SNOW,  so I decided to share a photo of these items instead: A black and white antique butter pat dish I bought from an Ebola/Africa fundraiser, with my white headphones in it, a black and white bible quote for a volunteer project I’m working on, my white keys on my mac keyboard, my black and white mouse on my black and white News-Herald Ohio Community Media Lab mouse pad, all on top of my black desk! Yes, that is also a black paperclip. (You can’t see the black and white chair that goes with it…or the white couch, or the…. okay, you get the picture.) This is home, this is work, this is me and this is what my taste is like, and this is what my kids know is a little part of me. 

What photo this month can you use to capture (and share) a little bit about yourself? Will it be…..
Tomorrow... Day 5? "Outside the Lines”!

(This post was edited from it’s previous and original version to reflect correctly on the day it actually posted- A Picasa link was also added.)

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