Family Photo Challenge Continued: LOVE!

What do you think of when you think of of Valentine’s Day?

Do you think of candy?

I do, but I also think of sugar, hyperness and cavities!

I’m ‘that’ mom; the one who doesn’t offer a load of candy to my kids on special occasions.

I suppose I’ve just always felt that with all the class parties and other opportunities my kids have for getting candy, I just don’t feel that I need to spend money on getting them more.

So, okay, for Halloween it’s true, I can’t resist buying candy corn (my weakness) and at Valentine’s I do like putting out those candy hearts or some Hershey Kisses… Easter everyone deserves to have a chocolate bunny…but honestly, I’ve never liked making candy my gift.

Over the years I’ve done baskets for them on Easter and they were all about their interests: books, art supplies, hair things, toys and other items they can use (not get cavities from). It’s much the same with other holidays. Just a side note: I happen to be ’that’ kid who when she was a child ate all of her candy in her Easter basket the same day...and paid for it…

So, on Day 14 of our Family Matters February Photo Challenge I showed my kids some LOVE.

For Valentine’s Day gifts I got my (not-so-little) little ones:

Donuts for Breakfast (also a rarity in our house)
A Jumbo Mega Sized Box of Fruit Snacks (the kid can’t get enough of them)
A Bag of (in my opinion- disgusting) Honey Mustard Onion Pretzels
A Package of Cookie Dough
On the backs of their cards I taped some money (kids can always add to their rainy day fund)

Like my love for candy corn, these kiddos can’t turn these favorite snacks away!

So, there you have it:

1) Proof that a photo essay or challenge does NOT have to include only perfect, 100% breathtaking photos…(it just has to tell a story)

2) Kids will accept plenty of other things over candy as gifts

Day 14: Love

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