February Photo Challenge Days 1 and 2

It's amazing what you can see when you have to look for it!

Day 1 and 2 of the Family Matters February Photo Challenge had me searching for things that were hard to find but that offered great rewards!

1- Flower
Since it was 19 degrees and there were no flowers in sight, I had to search indoors (and hard) for the first day's photo challenge! But, just as I expected, it led me to seek small details and find heartfelt moments. 

This frame was a gift to me when my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago. My grandmother and grandfather are in the picture and the detailed rose on the frame reminds me of the rose themed bedroom I had at her house when I was a  little girl (and which this framed rose is one of the two flower pictures I have which used to hang on the walls in that room):


Day: 2- Sparkly
 This was just too easy! The glittering snow was everywhere after a twelve hour snow storm! 
The fun part about this photo challenge is that all day I never stopped seeking something sparkly :) and look at the photo of the frozen drip of water at the top of this post!! This was also what I found while I was on the hunt! You just never know what you'll appreciate, unless you look for it!

Join us today for 
Day 3-A KISS!!! 

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