Fun Friday: My Top 3 Favorite Superbowl Commercial Picks

I’m a football fan, so it would make sense that I’m a super bowl fan.
I am not, however, a halftime fan… 
unless I have to pee. 
(Because I have plenty of time to do that and not miss anything!)

I actually liked this year's half time show, at least most of it where Katy Perry was on. 
In my opinion it was one of the cleanest and best performed shows in a long time.
Sometimes, when I sit down with my son to watch football games (especially the super bowl) I always wonder what I’ll need to educate his ten year old brain on before he should need to know.
And this one didn’t worry me.

So, how about the commercials, you ask?
Well, of course I love the commercials!
 (Well, most of them)

This year my top 3 favorites are:

100 Years -Dodge I have a Dodge and love it, I also respect my elders because they truly are beautiful and full of wisdom- they can also be funny, bossy and don't sugarcoat things… what’s not to like?

Beer Puppy -Budweiser I don’t drink Budweiser, but who doesn’t like a good tear jerker- and puppies?)

Chevy Trucks - Love them, hated the heart-stopping first 3 seconds of this commercial --(I was in a restaurant with about 100 people- when this disturbing commercial depicting our TV signal copping out during the start of the Super Bowl, the silence was uncomfortable-- but the laughter and cheering afterwards was priceless!)

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