Fun Friday: Things Kids Interpret (A Real Life Experience)

“Chocolate Chicks” by Jeroen van Oostrom via

The other day we were at a school function at a public restaurant, when I thought I spotted one of my daughter’s friends. Indeed, a few minutes later, my middle-schooler pointed out her friend and that’s when I thought to myself, ‘Yes, it was her, and boy does she have some unique features. I wonder, could she be Swedish?’.

So, I turned to my daughter and asked her, ‘Hey, is so-and-so Swedish?’.

My darling angel nodded confidently and endearingly, as if they’d had this nationality conversation all the time, ‘Yeah, oh yeah, very’.

Then I completed my question, ‘Or, Finnish, maybe?’...

Eyes locked…
Her hands flew over her already reddening face…



Good at drama, I used to wonder if times like this were an act…
But they’re not… and she’s still cute in my book.

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