Teaching Appreciation Via the Lake Metropark Farmpark Quilt Show

My oldest taking a photo of one of her favorite quilts at last year’s show.
Isn’t funny how some kids tend to overlook (or under appreciate) things they never went without? Like color TV (or TV in general),  cellphones, computers or indoor bathrooms (boy I'm glad I wasn’t around for that last one).

Sometimes it’s even harder to get our youth to appreciate things they don’t use, don’t understand or that don’t match their tastes. I think quilting is one of those things. When I first took my kids to the Annual Quilt Show at the Lake Metropark Farmpark they balked. They looked like the old cartoon of a cat holding tight to the doorway with it’s paws clinging to the door jam for fear of taking a bath! They really had that look on their face; Please, please, anything but THIS!

Funny, because now we go to the show every year. I’m glad I didn’t care what they thought that day and made them go anyway, because they wound up loving it, learning a lot and coming away with an appreciation and respect for those who make these fine pieces of work.

If you’re looking for a new way to show your kids appreciation for art and history, try taking them to this year’s show. Read my March Family Matters Column to find out what my kids find interesting about the show and what yours might learn there.

If you’re going to go, I recommend going during the Maple Sugaring Weekends. Definitely worth it!

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