Useful Things (That Make You Go Hmmmmm…) At Home

Every once in a while we see something that makes us go Hmmmmm….
When it’s something that we come up with it makes us go Hooray!

Here are a few things that make me go Hooray at home:

Frog Tape containers are perfect for burned photo disks.

Got a Dog? A full box of Milk-Bone dog biscuits fits into this large Snow Floss Sauerkraut Jar. 

For years I’ve used small dishes from the kitchen for those flowers the kids pick up off the ground that have no stem.

Using a ribbon to tie together one of my old (and very loved)  cookbook.
Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that makes a mom happy, just because it makes life easier.

Share your quick, easy or nifty at home fixes!

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