Fun Friday: My Son Plays His 1st April Fool’s Prank on His Sisters

My son is only 10 (okay, almost 11) and he has yet to prank his sisters (who are teenagers). He pranks me all the time: bugs in my purse (not real ones), bugs on my computer keyboard, etc., etc…etc.
But, this time, he skipped me and went right to the sissies (YAY!-- I mean phew:).

About a week or two ago he received his Highlights Magazine (yes those are still being published) and he promptly brought me the issue to show me the great April Fool’s jokes he could play on his sisters.

I knew he was serious. I knew I had to help him. I knew his sisters were either...

A) Going to catch on and not fall for the joke
B) Not like him very much afterwards (and possibly not like me either)

I was not sure which I was more fearful of.

We didn’t want them to catch on too quickly and be suspicious, so we thought we would wait until the end of the day to pull the prank. Luckily I don’t recall my kids ever pranking me on April Fool’s Day- other times in my life, yes, but never on April 1st! :)

After dinner we casually told his sisters that he felt bad the night before when us girls were craving lemon pie after dinner but the pie place in our neighborhood closed up… (ironically we’d already picked our joke before this and so that well timed craving made it all the better!).

We told the girls he made them a lemon cake today.

One of them asked, 'How did YOU find time to BAKE a CAKE today!?'.
We both stammered and came up with a way to fudge the fact that we had actually found time on our busiest day of the week. The girls (not smelling any sweets being cooked in the house) were craving sweets so bad that when we served up the slice of lemon cake (frosted sponges) they actually both tried putting their fork into it! When one of them couldn’t cut it (she must’ve forgiven his ill-baking-skills since he’s only 10) then listened to him: ‘OH! it’s finger food! You have to pick it up!’.

She did. And she did not like it. 
Especially when she realized that it was really light because it was actually a sponge.

He felt bad, but we still laughed. 
No harm, no foul. 
Happy April Fool’s Day :) 

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