Fun Friday: Apples Don’t Fall Far From the Tree (A True Story This Week)

“Monkey” by AKARAKINGDOMS via

So, we moved recently (*Pg.10) and I was hanging up a towel rack in the bathroom. It has four hooks. It’s pretty cool. It’s been packed for a while. It’s going to prove to be helpful.

And I’m sarcastic.
In a fun, not demeaning, way.
But I wasn't this day...

But apparently, after several years of growing up in our house, my ten year old son has truly found the answer to his questions about sarcasm and had also found his inner sarcasm (or taken tips from his mom) because this is what transpired during this towel hook installation:

Mom: Hey, Justice!?
Justice: Yep?
Mom: I’m hanging this towel rack up and it’s really cool; there is finally room for everyone’s towels, k?
Justice: Yup.
Mom: See these hooks? Just make sure you get the towel on it like this so that it doesn’t fall down. Can you reach it?
Justice: Yeah. (Conversation over *clearly)
Mom: OK, good. Ummm, just, uhhh, don’t like, hang on it or anything, k?
Justice: (Blank stare) WHOOO WHOOO HAAAA HAAAA!! (Armpit scratching while making monkey sounds)
Mom: (Jaw drop…) LOL…Oh boy… The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?
Justice: (Walks away smiling- clearly satisfied with his timely - learned or innate - sarcasm)

Right...WHY would a mother tell her ten year old, fairly well behaved, not too crazy/chaotic son who has never hung on anything in his life, ‘Don’t hang on it, k?’...

I don’t know. 

But I have probably just given him an idea…and I have clearly learned a lesson :)

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