Another Popular Column: Single Parenting

The other day my middle child came home mortified (twice). 
First, she was shocked to see that I put her baby photo in her school’s 8th grade send off magazine! 

'Ooops… did I ‘forget’ to mention that Sweety? Soooo Sorry… Not.’

 Her second embarrassment was when I wrote a column celebrating single parenting for Father’s Day (pg.10), which had a picture of her when she was very young (age 4)! Seems one of her friends took a snapshot of this photo on her cellphone then showed my daughter at school that morning. 

Lol ...

She’ll get over it.
Remember, children are resilient!

I received a lot of feedback from people who read
last month’s  Teen Clothing War Column (ironically it was about my ‘MC’- Middle Child).
and they said they enjoyed it. I like to know that. Thanks! 
Seems this month’s topic of single parenting is also pretty popular!
Again, love the feedback!

If you haven’t read our Family Matters with Amber Column, check it out!
It comes out monthly in the News-Herald Ohio County Kids Magazine!

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