Fun Friday: Father’s Day Gifts

“Cute Pig Is Animal Cartoon In Farm Of Paper Cut” by tor00722 via

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st, and I’ve not yet decided on all of my Father’s Day gifts yet, and well, apparently Etsy knows this, since they emailed me a list. This has to be my favorite gift suggestion from Etsy, for the handy dad.

Got a techy-Dad?

How about a Treky-Dad?

Real Simple has a list of gifts for the Dad who has everything!  (My favorite? The leather iPhone Wallet.)

Oh, and for that Dad who loves bacon & jerky? Why not sign him up for a subscription to the Bacon of the Month Club… Yes, there is such a thing.

It might seem lame, but I’m a big GC (gift card) giver.

Why? Because I find that while other people buy things for me, and it’s thoughtful, they don’t always get my tastes right. So, I’ve always believed the best thing for a gift receiver is a GC! I just assume most people are like that… they like to get something they want… so who better to pick it out? 

Check this GC buying site out, where they sell matching greeting cards, personalize GC's to read ‘Dad’ or will add your photo to it, and it can all be ‘mailed’ in less postage than a big bulky gift!

Think like Dad this Father’s Day, keep it simple :)

Happy Dad’s Day Gift Hunting!

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