Fun Friday: Puberty and 5th Grade Boys

Young Child with Towel by chrisroll via

I talk a lot about my girls (they’re almost 14 and 18).
I don’t talk too much about my little man.
Did I say little ‘man’?

Okay, so not all 5th grade boys will be close to puberty…
And you’re darn straight, I’m going to stay in denial and say that my own son is far from it!!!

But I will let you know that I think no matter where the boys are in their maturity stages, I’m not sure any of them are ready for the info they learn in the fifth grade sex/maturity education classes. Guys are often just too full of goofiness and humor!

Sure, education is great, but I’m thinking (suggesting) you might not want to give your (comic) son the talk, or allow him to go to the puberty class at school…


Well, let me just put it this way… I should’ve listened to my daughters’ advice this past month. Sigh.
They sent a permission slip home…
Yes, for THE class.
I figured,...sure, let it fly!
Better now than later!

My girls had a different perspective.
Guess being in middle school and high school for the last three years has taught them a whole lot about boys...

Do boys actually ever grow up?

When do boys mature? (Ehem, possibly never you say?)

Depends on who you ask I’m sure...

But I CAN tell you this….
They do NOT mature in the 5th grade. 

So, just an FYI, if you’re thinking about allowing your son attend the puberty talk at school next year, you just might want to check his sense of humor level first...

If it’s constant (or good) I’d hold off.
(Are you asking me how I know?)

This week, not only did my son find a fish comic in the paper where a tadpole popped fins (and it was of course referred to puberty) but he also found plenty of reasons to excuse himself (and his young man tendencies) to puberty…

Literally stating, “Uh, I don’t know! I guess it’s puberty!”…


Can you hear me laugh out loud?
Well, I did.

Rethink it…
That’s all I’m saying lol.

Happy Friday!

For a similar cartoon to the one he saw click here (comic 438).

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