Not Just Another Organizing Blog

My super-happy find at Tuesday Mornings saves me from Spice Jar Avalanches!

My take on organization changes depending on what day of the week it is (literally).

I’ve read a ton of articles, have several books, and I even maintain my own philosophy on the topic and use my own tactics to keep my house (and stuff) in order. All which trickle down to my kids.

We all know that organizing and decluttering are those things we have to make time for; kind of like keeping up our social calendar. Parents need to schedule it, otherwise, this stuff might not happen!

I like things tidy, I love systems, routines and a clean work space. Do I always have those? Nope. Thank goodness there are people who can help, and once they do, keeping things in their prospective places is basically just a change in mindset (habit, if you will).

I’m going to suggest an organizing blog today, not because it says anything too different than others, but because it offers resources and reminders we might forget and because the lady that writes it is a gem!

She offers people more than just organization tips and services, but she also has a real gift for helping people clean up their life, time, job and future (starting with their brains)… ask me how I know.

We are all good at something, and can often help others, but when we are put into our own at-home/real-life situation, sometimes we need outside help! Most vets, teachers and even psychologists will all admit they require some occasional advice on their personal issues because they are too close to things.

Take a look at Andrea Hotton’s blog. She’s truly a talented, smart lady who loves to help people; she’s kinda local and I’m blessed to know (and work with) her! (Did I mention she has a great sense of humor? Well, she does!)

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