Parenting (Your Pet) Yes, Seriously...

My Angel and my 4th Baby

OMG, is all I have to say.

I might have a way with kids (my own especially) but I totally suck as a four legged’s mother!

How do I know this? Well, because, my dog is running the show and it’s taken a trainer, a vet and two separate doggy sitters to point this out (or gently remind me). Can I say, the trainer is not shy (that’s okay, go ahead, I can take it; ‘Never sugar coat it' I always say… loving my own medicine).

Anywho…since I’m learning so much lately, PLEASE, let me pass on the parenting tips to you; fellow parent, of a furry-animal-capable-of-completely-screwing-up-your parenting-mojo!

Hey, don’t worry, if you aren’t a pet owner, this will all work on your children…!
No I’m not kidding. I’m completely serious!
And that’s exactly why I’ve asked myself this question repeatedly, ‘and you couldn’t get this?’.


Rules for Doggy Mommies and/or Daddies:

1. Do not show any anxiety, worry and/or apprehension when dropping your angel off at daycare (this goes for your toddler too)

2. Do not allow your dog to walk (you, away from you OR all over you)…
Sorry, I got carried away… You should not allow your dog to walk away from you if you have given him/her a command; you’re the boss so if he/she does not listen, repeat and persuade (in doggy this is food- with kids I do not recommend bribery). If it doesn’t work, ummmm I’m not sure… I don’t think we learned that yet :)

3. If you say no, no means no. (Yep- across the board, toddler to teen, Beagle to Rottie, when you put your foot down, lol, IF YOU CAN, no means an absolute no. Put up with no ill behavior and/or whining during this time and if you get that feedback… ummmm, maybe refer to #2 (right, we haven’t gotten there yet… maybe do #4).

4. Bad manners? Discipline with love. Apply safe and appropriate time outs for kids: toddler to about 10 years works and only as long as their age 2 yrs.=2 mins, 5yrs.=5, etc.. For dogs? Use a crate but don’t leave them in there too long… they’ll think the crate is a bad thing.

Looks like knowing you’re the boss, and having balance, is the key (just like I’ve been telling parents all along - ehem- regarding two-legged parenting-).

Boy, almost 18 years of being a mother (to two-leggeds) and I had it down with the first kid. Apparently, I must be distracted by fur and the four legs…sheesh… what a pushover.

Truth? There isn’t much difference to parenting a kid over a dog.

Your four legged family member is sensitive to change, loves affection and being fed and hydrated, needs exercise, sleep, and in many cases social interaction (depending on the animal).

Piece of cake right? Yeah, maybe, but I gotta go; time for our training appointment (where I’m being trained more than my pet is-- wait-- did you see those big brown eyes in that doggy photo??? Ugh… I’m such a sucker).

I knew I was right, eons ago, when we had our first dog (b.c. - before children)… and I said, this is a lot harder than having children!

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