Fun Friday: Out of the Mouths of Babes (A True Story)

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Recently my son asked me a very good question (or at least it was starting out like one):

Him: “Hey Mommy, I’ve always wondered why we all have different names in the family?”

Me: “Well, Honey, everyone has a name we picked for you all, don’t you remember how you got your names?”

Him: “Well, yeah, I do- but I’m wondering why mine and Taylor’s name is (insert their last name) and sissy’s is not”.

Me: “Ummmmm…what do you mean?”

Him: “Well hers is (insert her middle name).”

Me: (As I tried not to laugh, and my two daughters’ silently stared over his sweet little ten year old head at one another) “Oh, Sweety, that’s Sissy’s middle name, not her last name. You all have the same last name."

Him: (Clearly confused) "Butwhy do you always call her Tatum (insert her middle name)?"

Without laughing (because you know no question is a stupid one) I explained that Kennedy is his big sister’s middle name and when she is in trouble, I use it-

He got it and laughed…he even blushed a bit embarrassed.

Right then, my middle child stopped laughing.

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