Lunch Break 101: The FU to the 11 Plan & the End of the Road for Epic One Word Fails

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What it takes to to make a resolution (and keep it) isn’t the same thing that causes us to break it.

This is what it takes to keep your goals (the list is sometimes hard to swallow):






Turning over a new leaf, breaking a habit, starting new ones, take all of the above. 

It also takes courage.

I’m up for trying it, because I want to succeed. So here is a list of things that I promised to share when I introduced the 11 Plan for SPACE but couldn’t figure out the answer to #9:


Take Lunch Breaks: how many of us eat on the go, at our desk or standing up?
Instead: Go to the lake, the park, the beach, the deck, porch or back yard, the front steps of your job, the car if that’s the last resort- shut off the phone, the music the noise. Close your eyes. Taste the sandwich, the salad or the water. Hear your heartbeat, the birds or the wind...


Shut it off: How many of us consider a break as reading texts, emails, a magazine?
Instead: Turn the screens off (or at least silence that cell) and please whatever you do, do not, do not sign up for Inbox emails that promise to help you slow down, prioritize or find peace. This is a waste of time and money (if it costs something). You can’t possibly slow down, or decompress, if you add one more thing to your to-do list! 


Breathe: How often do we find ourselves holding our breath in between things, responses or grumbles? Filling our brains (and body) with anxiety, stress and worry!
Instead: learn breathing techniques and visual vacations to reel yourself back in calmly.

DO go back and read the ’11 Plan’ to encourage more calm in your day, week, and head.

DO say NO when you can (especially if you feel you might be weighed down by it).

Want more ways to relax? Turn off the computer and sit in the quiet. Always a winner.

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