My One Word 2014: Epic Fail

Has Anyone Seen My Coffee Break? Umm or my FREE time?

Ok, so I took a little digital sabbatical into the woods to go camping recently, where there was absolutely NO ability to text, call or email. Ahhhhhh… I remember it like it was yesterday (quite insane seeming at first, sure a little anxiety and borderline panic, but then…. AHHHHHHHHHHH).


And of course, yes, I did go on a couple day getaway for my birthday…

So, I suppose I have had a bit of free time…but that was just 7 days out of the entire year that we are now 7 months (almost 8 months) into!

 Come on people (Amber) where exactly did my 1 word go?

Out the window!

I think that this may have proven to be one of my biggest My One Word epic fails out of the all the years I’ve been doing it!


I’m usually diligent at trying to get it right.

Usually (I said usually) it’s bit easier than this.

And I'm usually (there’s that word again USUALLY) better at keeping that 1 word in the forefront of my mind!

So...where did it go?

Well, it’s not here, which means my FREE time is also missing!!

I’m pretty sure that almost right from the get-go I over-scheduled the books.

Now, how to salvage the rest of the year…you know I’ve got 5 months left…so I can’t throw the towel in yet…

When I find out the specific plan, I’ll get back to you...

For now, if you feel the same way, like you lost your One Word someplace and would like to find it, think positive:

At least we (I’m) aware and want to make changes, OH and we (I’m) learning something.

If you want to fess up to dumping your One Word somewhere this year (other than in your lap) or you’d like to share how you get back on the path of working on your resolutions, hop on board and share!

If not, Happy Monday anyway, and take it from me…AND MY ONE WORD…don’t do too much today!!!

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