The FU on My One Word and What it Has to Do with Parenting

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I normally (I’ve ditched ‘usually’) do a great job of staying focused on My One Word.

Problem this year? 
I think I might have picked a really good word…


What do I mean!? GOOD Word!? Wouldn’t you think that failing at it means it is a bad word?
Nah, that’s a cop out. I think I picked a great word! One that would truly be challenging to master.
(Eh, anndddd it is.)

I chose SPACE. Space would be my word for 2015 because, well, I knew I wanted (and needed) more of it. I needed downtime, I needed the quiet, I needed ‘space’ to be myself, enjoy myself and connect with things spiritually and with my family.

Well, I never even got to March sadly; by then I’m pretty sure my schedule was already packed!

Okay, I probably didn’t get past Dec. 31st (that’s why it’s Epic… failed before I really truly started). Sure I tested it out, before I did it. I was doing great! Then I began absentmindedly filling my calendar with all sorts of things that I (we) needed (and wanted) to do, with no regard to the goal.

Sounds like it was a disaster from the get go…for sure.

I have to defend myself a little here. When setting my word into place, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. One Words never are. I knew I’d have to have some sort of idea of how to keep SPACE in focus. I did tell myself there would be limitations on how much I would schedule in a week. That I’d leave Sundays and every other weekday open for SPACE and connecting with family and/or doing things I enjoy.

I started, but didn’t continue. And when finding time to do ‘nothing’? Well, that was only happening about 15 minutes before bed, and it was only fifteen because I couldn’t stay awake to read more but 2 1/2 pages of my book. And FREE time? Well, that was out the window because I kept feeling obligated to do things I didn’t need to!

How does this all relate to being a better parent? 


If we as parents are not the best we can be, then we aren’t doing something right.

The less I am over-schuedled, over-whelmed or over-anything, the better mom I am, and 
the more fun I’ll have doing it! 
(Kids can tell the difference.)

Stay tuned for my follow up 
'11 Plan' 
and how I’ll be using it over the next 5 months to kick 
My One Word’s A@& (and my own) 
and be a better mama!

Don’t know what the heck My One Word is? 
Research it here. Pick one here. (Start now, you only have 5 months left). Find out why here.

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