Fun Friday: Why I Love Having Kids

So, it’s the first week of school and I am not used to getting up this early…
….for starters.

So as Thursday rolled around (thank goodness it’s leftover night-yes I do have specific food nights sometimes call me old fashioned) I felt wiped out and ready to crash.

Then my daughter comes by and asks me if she can show me something…
THAT is always a risky moment…and a loaded question.

I say that she can, and so I allow her to take over my laptop (literally) where she opens up a sea of text messages from pets to their owners.

It was just the laugh I needed. 

Since it was a school night though, we only read so many of them, but here is one that I spotted which made me LOL (for real)…I love having kids:

I imagine my pet feels the same way (abandoned and abused) lol...

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