How to Say “No" To Just About Anyone or Anything

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While enjoying some quiet reflective time before bed the other night (no I did not bring my computer screen there; it was before my bedtime routine) I realized that this little blog post summed up something for me (so clearly, so simply).

One of the biggest issues I hear everyone I know (parent or not) complain about, is that they have so much to do, so much going on; they’re exhausted, cannot remember things, and feel like they have 0 free time. (Hmmm… sounds ver much why I picked My particular One Word this year)

I felt blessed to stumble upon the blog post and think that I was rewarded for taking a few minutes on a sunset evening after a relaxing bath to go through my emails for the simple blog I love to read. This post was old, but it just went to show me that I don’t keep up with the little things that make me happy.

Sometimes the answer is simpler than we think. We just over think it.

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