FOOTBALL: Do You Even Know What the Ice Bucket Challenge Is? (Video)

“Ice Cubes” by graur codrin via

So, it’s that time again.

Yes, I know, I will be talking football for a long time from here on out (at least until the week of the playoffs-- it’s not looking good for me right now but I’m hopeful).

But today I’m talking football for other reasons.

It’s about the Ice Bucket Challenge
While researching another topic on TED, I came across this.

I thought I knew what it was.
But, when time passes, and people begin passing the word (you know, like that first day of school when you were in the third grade and the teacher asked you to whisper something she's told you into your classmate’s ear, but by the time the whole class did it, it came out like this: ‘Swimming spiders climbed the Empire State Building for lunch’)? You know what I mean….

Well, listen to this mother’s entire talk!

 She started the ice bucket challenge. Find out what it is and be confused no more, but inspired!

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