What is Nine Eleven (911)?


I'm sure it all depends on who you ask.

I recall 9/11/01 being exactly 10 days before my M.C. was born...
I almost wished we weren't growing our family that day...
but it was obviously too late for that thought.

I have a few blog posts about 9/11, including how to talk to kids about it and how my son  got his name.

But, it's not about us tomorrow, and it isn't about you either.

9/11 is now Good Deed Day.

I wondered at first, 'what will good deeds do?’…
 Certainly not abolish terrorists and not bring people back…
But as I watched the video and didn't yet have the answer, I realized, it's hope.

So, learn more about what happened that fateful day, read more family matters posts on it, and then find out how to make a difference in the world to honor those killed, injured or left without their family members on that day.

Never forget…even though I’m sure many wish they could.

Here is a song, which if you've never heard it, will really bring you there.

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