Fun Friday: What’s So Special About the Library Anymore Anyway? (Column Related)

SO, since fall started (okay, earlier) I’ve been visiting the library, and so have my kids.
And, after writing three columns, then scrapping them all, I wrote this.

I’m convinced fall is here!!
And well, my library addiction has now begun!

I mean, it’s really no secret.
My library love goes way back.

It started in third grade, where my dad would leave me,
and my teachers would pick up
 and my librarian would take me the rest of the way.

I believe in libraries!

I can’t even begin to tell you all the ways that the library has saved me (as a child or otherwise).
You just have to experience it yourself.

And contrary to your thoughts and beliefs?

The library really is awesome, and has a lot more to offer than just the intrentet.

:) Ask me how I know…

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