Solutions to Random Acts of Violence Pt 1 and 2 (Column Related)


So, I've done it, I've opened my mouth again. Some people really hate it when I do that.
Well, I'm not the only one who sees it. Random acts of violence are running rampant in our nation.


I am not sure why, but since my oldest daughter was a glimmer of hope in my young eyes, I have wanted to find the solution to this sick, sick epidemic.

Who takes a persons life? Why would they? Would my child do this? These are just three of the questions we are being faced with. And I don't think we are nearly close to the answers (I'd swear in that statement right there if I could)!

Please read my November column in County Kids News-Herald Ohio Magazine for Pt I of this blog.

If you have read this already, please stay tuned because Pt III will be following in the next day or two.

I'm a positive person, I really am. I try to put the best attitude forward and wear a smile, but I am sick of standing watching, gasping, asking questions. I want to open the dialogue and discuss the solutions.

Want to read more on my thoughts regarding random acts of violence in schools and other places? Click here for my recent blog post on the topic as well as a list of all links on the same subject.

If you have read this month's County Kids article already, some facts related to it, will be in Pt III, including the source of the FBI study, and more.

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