Fun Friday: Real, Funny, Controversial (Followed by Sarcasm) Love It (Video)

“Lol Keys Mean Laughing Out Loud Or Hilarious ” by Stuart Miles via

My kids and I were watching the Muppets again on Tuesday night and during the commercial we laughed even harder at these two dads than we did at the episode we were watching! (I especially loved the song at the end of this episode)!

While my fourteen year old daughter seemed a little confused at the end (not uncommon though), my eleven year old son was still laughing and my eldest and I looked at each other also laughing, because it was the cutest and funniest commercial we’d seen in a long time! (The kids are fans of the movie, and we got the reference.)

Sadly (and somewhat laughably) my mind went right to all the outraged people who probably hated that commercial, and now that brand (unbeknownst to me the commercial has been out a while- shows you how often I watch television).

After the show I just had to check out the video again and prepare a Fun Friday post for you. I just had to share it! It’s awesome! I knew it would gather so many laughs…even if some people don’t like it. Because face it, you know they’re going to laugh first….then start thinking about it, then start getting mad and then begin the rants and blame-hate game.

Why not just laugh at what was simply adorable, 
then live and let live?

Couldn’t hurt right? 

...the other options do.

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