Random and No Blog: In Thought About Paris Events

Another black ribbon

There are no words,
only thoughts

Hours, days later
we are talking,

but still speechless

Suddenly everything matters...
and nothing matters

everything is questioned
nothing ...for sure... is answered

globally or locally

minds are brought back to other times

those of good
and those of bad

hearts are changed forever

futures frozen

memories of the places
and desire to visit them
for the first time
or again


lives broken
confusion amass
control lost

close a border
or not

or not


neither can make us an invisible target
neither will matter

Spite or hate - isn't about the border

or if we struck back or not

it started before that
it is planned
a long time in the making

not overnight
not today
not the day it happens

and if you don't have that mentality
or the ideas that they have
you can't fathom the magnitude, time involved in
WHAT they do

or the results of

look around...

Big events, religious, political, sporting
Monumental locations
Important People

think again...

or not big

Theatres, gas stations, homes, train stations, stores and subways

Death and murder
one, a dozen, twenty, hundreds, or thousands

As there is life, there will be an end to it

As there will be love, there will be loathing

People who watched gunmen
could have shot right?
If they had guns...
but if gunmen wear protection?...


To understand them
you must think like them

to stop them, you must be them

proactive, strategic,
forward thinking


Most days, I have the words all put together and clearly said-thought out, but not this day, not yesterday or the other day... since Paris.

My apologies for the staggered vocals and random thoughts, I just couldn't seem to form a normal sentence about what my mind was thinking… I’m sure you feel exactly the same…

But I know that I had to try to say something…the usual is, my thoughts and prayers
the next thoughts…

I will say: there is no place for naivety and trust, not when you are dealing with people who want to harm.

Something this man said regarding Paris even (shortly after the 10:44 point into this video)…

something we do: disbelieve…
that anyone could, would or desire
to kill for no apparent reason...

But some do.

While I was writing in November about this topic within our communities, and by our own people...
I hate to now.
I don’t want to write anything…that’s where this post came from.

I want to read a book.
See the sunset.
Kissed a loved one.
Stop the maddening busyness we have for the moment.

Something like this event makes us feel that longingness…
when it’s on our soil or on others’.

While this seems so different, it’s similar.
It's hard not to want to separate them
but even more difficult to.

Believe it
don't put us at ease, blow it off and as government does...
to avoid panic

schools do the same

LISTEN to the signs and the warnings.

plan for it
like they do

continue to love

than you thought you could

have more patience
than you think you can muster

grab a quiet moment for yourself

make a phone call

help someone

make your life and efforts matter every day

in every way

because life will always be too short

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