STILL Confused on Issues 2 and 3 (in OH)? READ THIS BEFORE VOTING.

The other day I published this exact blog post with this video to help people of Ohio learn the difference between Issues 2 and 3. Election day is tomorrow, November 3rd, so watch the video if you aren't sure what issues 2 and 3 are. If you're still in the dark (and what it means if you vote YES or NO on them) read this. Pages 6 &9 begin the Issues. BUT, the better of this publication's bullet points are the ones that follow on the next pages, because in each section they list for you EXACTLY what your YES vote means in both cases, and in the simplest of terms.

If you want to make more of an educated decision prior to voting tomorrow, do you homework.
Find non-biased, non-politically/investor funded articles, videos and stories about both sides of each issue (if you can).

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