The Military Has Changed But Celebrate Veterans Day (video added)

“First World War Means Military Action And Battle” by Stuart Miles via

Not only amongst myself and my friends, but some parents of those in the military, and even recently someone I met who is active in the military are saying things have changed. It’s personal opinion about why.

In my eyes, though, I still believe our service men and women have, and always will, enlist for the same reasons: to serve their country and to afford us the freedoms we still have.

While living in America we might assume our freedom is a ‘given', it’s really not.
Imagine if no one served in the military?

I shudder to think what the draft might do to us in this day and age.

While not everyone will agree that the military is a necessary entity, or a prudent choice for a line of work…I say, if there are folks willing to support something they believe in, and it allows you and I to live the way we desire, shouldn’t we give them the proper appreciation and respect?

To those that served in the past and those who serve now.

There is no time better than this week, to send a card to a vet, go to the local library and write out a Christmas Card for them (IL, OH look up your area), or stop what you are doing to tell your kids just a few of the sacrifices these folks and their families make.

Salute, shake hands, pat someone on the back...
Hug their family, say a word of thanks to them…

Whether or not you politically or 
personally disagree with the entity.

On Veteran’s Day, think about how some sons and daughters go to college but come back for the holidays most months. Service families don’t always get to see their sons or daughters come home - ever.

Monthly, yearly and daily sacrifices are being made: spouses miss their baby's births, first birthdays, first steps and first words. Sometimes they miss younger siblings' graduations and their best friends’ marriages and parents' anniversaries. They’re family misses them.

It’s their sacrifice, their choice. You’re right. But, no matter what we think about that, or what the military stands for or is being used for, or even how it’s organized…

there are individuals in it who have no control over anything 
but their serving hearts.

Thank you.

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