Family Matters With Amber on Traditions (Column Related)

A childhood favorite 

When I was a little girl, most of my days were different and mixed up. Most times, the only constant was school. But when things happened that were the same (routine) I loved it. It was something to look forward to and it made me happy. Like the traditions we had in my family. (Read this month's County Kids' December Family Matters Column_Pg 4). 

Each season brought it's own tradition even though my parents weren't married anymore. Each holiday brought it's own way of celebration, and it was special.

I try to explain to people all the time, that it's not what you do, or buy, but it's how often you do things with kids.

Every Saturday, my dad and I used to get a donut-I'd have chocolate milk, he'd have coffee. Each morning before I went to school, my grandmother would warm my clothes on the radiator before I put them on (while I watched Batman on TV).
On the weekends, my uncle would color with me in my giant coloring books.

It was never about what people bought me, but the time they spent with me.

Whether we think so or not, it's never about the money you spend on a child but the amount of time you spend. It's about doing things together- chatting, laughing, creating something. Those are the memories they will always treasure in their hearts. 

As Thanksgiving has just passed, I do hope you had a wonderful time with your family. If you did not find yourself celebrating a tradition with your children, I hope you will create one for Christmas.

Consider attending a tree lighting event or a Christmas Eve church service, go for an annual winter walk on the 1st of the year or watch a favorite holiday movie or volunteeer on Christmas Day. Do something you can easily repeat each year with that special child in your life. 

While it's great to get and give gifts on Christmas, it's better to remember the time spent together because it will always be more valuable...and never dictated by the economy.

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